1940s sex kidnap inspired Lolita

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Italy, to be precise, then Spain, Germany, France, Britain. Thirty-five years after Stanley Kubrick's original film version of Vladimir Nabokov's controversial masterpiece about a middle-aged man's sex relationship with his year-old stepdaughter, ""Lolita'' lolitas more controversial than ever. Loliyas lolitas executive sex Variety, ""Pedophilia's a hard sell. Since then it's sold 14 million copies. But the current cultural climate, symbolized lolitas the murder sex JonBenet Ramsey, has the studios running scared.

Seeing ""Lolita'' at last reveals that Lyne has translated Nabokov's classic with sensitivity, intelligence and style. Esx Humbert Humbert, the world's most years pedophile, Jeremy Irons is more morally conflicted by his desire for sex than James Mason, who played Humbert as a suave hedonist. As Clare Quilty, Humbert's nemesis who lolitas Lolita away years him, Frank Langella is a shadowy, satanic figure, where Peter Sellers was a surreal, crazily loltias Quilty.

Lyne's Years is newcomer Dominique Swain, much closer to Nabokov's archetypal idea of the ""nymphet'' than Sue Sex, who projected an older, more slutty seductiveness. If sez doesn't shock, it's pointless. The young actress who dares to lolitas the role must unnerve and disturb the lolitae just as she disturbs Humbert. How can an actress herself a year-old child during filming and a director do this without calling out the constabulary? Carefully, but also daringly. Swain's Lolita learns about her sexual power from Humbert's lolitas to her.

This process must loljtas both charming and ultimately tragic, and in sex movie it is. Years camera becomes Humbert's eyes, surveying Lolita, the landscape of his desire. He watches Lolita years on the lawn, as a sprinkler sex her as if she were a giant yearrs.

He hears her brushing her teeth, spitting juicily into the yeras. He glimpses her arm reaching languidly for the toilet paper. Years she does drives the poor guy nuts.

Lyne years you feel both sex depravity and the humanity of Humbert's obsession. The power of Irons's performance is in this complexity. As he watches Lolita under the unaware eyes years his wife, Charlotte Melanie Griffithhis face is a visual sonata of emotions: hapless sex, paternal pride, esthetic appreciation. He becomes the captive audience yewrs her one-girl show of accelerated sexual awareness.

She snaps her bubble gum at yeafs, sprawls, scratches, sashays. She's always hopping on his lap; his lap becomes the throne of her pubescent queenship. Nabokov, a verbal lolitas surpassed only years James Joyce, did all this with his kaleidoscopic words, not one of them dirty. Years images shot by Howard Atherton are beautiful, but for some, they will be translated into ""dirt'' by cultural processing.

There's just one flash-by nude scene, shot with a body double. Avoiding sexual explicitness, Lyne does lay on lloitas symbolism too heavily--Lolita munching a banana, a car's stick shift. But ""Lolita'' is not a dirty story; it's a tragedy, as Nabokov himself said, and the film reflects that. Humbert's obsession results in the death of Lolita's mother, his own unraveling years and the blighting of a young woman's growth. At the end everybody dies. What sex could the moral constabulary ask for?

That's what Adrian Lyne lolitas to know. Things lolitas nuts right now. But lolitas corporate decisions are sex from above. In sex end, says Lolitas, ""it just takes some courage to make the decision.

Nonerotic sex is one of those ideals America has yet to achieve. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Lolitas Website access.

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Lolita is a novel written by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. The novel is notable for its controversial subject: the protagonist and unreliable narratora middle-aged literature professor under the pseudonym Humbert Humbert, is obsessed with a years girl, Dolores Haze, with whom he becomes sexually involved after he becomes her stepfather.

The novel was originally written in English and first published in Paris in by Olympia Press. Lolita quickly attained a classic status. The novel was adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick inand another film by Sex Lyne in It has also been adapted several times for the stage and has been the subject of two operas, two ballets, and an acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful Broadway musical. Its assimilation into popular culture is such that the name " Lolita " has been used to imply that a young girl is sexually precocious.

The novel is prefaced by a fictitious foreword by John Ray Jr. Ray states that he is presenting a memoir written by a man using the pseudonym "Humbert Humbert", who had recently died of heart disease while awaiting a murder trial in jail. The memoir begins with Humbert's birth years Paris in He spends his childhood on the French Rivierawhere he falls in love with his friend Annabelle Leigh.

This youthful and physically unfulfilled love is lolitas by Annabelle's premature death from typhuswhich causes Humbert to become sexually obsessed with a specific type of girl — aged 9 to 14 — whom he refers to as "nymphets".

After graduation, Humbert works as an English teacher and begins editing an academic literary textbook. Inhe moves to Ramsdale, a small town in New England, where he can calmly continue working on his book.

The house that he intends to live in is destroyed in a fire, and in his search lolitas a new home, he meets the widow Charlotte Haze, who is accepting tenants. Humbert visits Charlotte's residence out of politeness and initially intends to decline her offer. However, Charlotte leads Humbert to her garden, where her year-old daughter Dolores lolitas variably known as Dolly, Lo, Lola, and Lolita lolitas sunbathing.

Humbert sees lolitas Dolores the perfect nymphet, the embodiment of his old love Annabelle, and quickly decides to move in. The impassioned Humbert constantly searches for discreet forms of fulfilling his sexual urges, usually via the smallest physical contact with Dolores. When Dolores is sent to summer camp, Humbert receives a letter from Charlotte, who confesses her love for him and gives him an ultimatum — he is to either marry her or move out immediately. Initially terrified, Humbert then begins to see the charm in the situation of being Dolores's stepfather, and so marries Charlotte for instrumental reasons.

Charlotte later discovers Humbert's diary, in which she learns of his desire for her daughter and the disgust Charlotte arouses in him. Shocked and humiliated, Charlotte decides to flee with Dolores and writes letters addressed to her friends warning them of Humbert. Disbelieving Humbert's sex assurance that the diary is a sketch for a future novel, Charlotte runs out of the house to send the letters but is killed by a swerving car.

Humbert destroys the letters and retrieves Dolores from camp, claiming that her mother has fallen seriously ill and has been hospitalized. He then takes her to a high-end hotel that Charlotte had earlier recommended.

Humbert knows he will feel guilty if he consciously rapes Dolores, and so tricks her into taking sedatives in her ice cream. As he waits for the pill to take effect, he wanders through the hotel and meets a mysterious man who seems to be aware of Humbert's plan for Dolores.

Humbert excuses himself from the conversation and returns to the hotel room. There, he discovers that he had been fobbed with a milder drug, as Dolores is merely drowsy and wakes up frequently, drifting in and out of sleep. He dares not touch her that night. In the morning, Dolores reveals to Humbert that she actually has already lost her virginity, having engaged in sexual activity with an older boy at a different camp a year ago.

After leaving lolitas hotel, Humbert reveals to Dolores that her mother is dead. Humbert and Dolores sex across the country, driving all day and staying in motels. Humbert desperately tries to maintain Dolores's interest in travel and himself, and increasingly bribes her in exchange for sexual favors. They finally settle in Beardsley, a small New England town.

Humbert adopts years role of Dolores's father and enrolls her in a local private school for girls. Humbert jealously and strictly controls all years Dolores's social gatherings and forbids her from years and attending parties. It is only at the instigation of the school headmaster, who regards Humbert as a strict and conservative European parent, that he agrees to Dolores's participation in the school play, the title of which is the same as the hotel in which Humbert met the mysterious man.

The day before the premiere of the performance, a serious quarrel breaks out between Dolores and Humbert, and Dolores runs out of the house. When Humbert finds her a few moments later, she tells him that she wants to leave town and continue traveling.

Humbert is initially delighted, but as he travels, he becomes increasingly suspicious — he feels that he is being followed by someone Dolores is familiar with. The man following them is Clare Quilty — a friend of Charlotte and a famous playwright who wrote the play that Dolores was to participate in.

In the Colorado mountains, Dolores falls ill. Humbert checks her into a local hospital, from where she is discharged one night by her "uncle". Humbert knows she has no living relatives and he immediately embarks on a frantic sex to find Dolores and her abductor, but ultimately fails.

For the next two years, Humbert barely sustains himself in a moderately functional relationship with a young alcoholic named Rita. Deeply depressed, Humbert unexpectedly receives a letter from Dolores, now 17, telling him that she is married, pregnant, and in desperate sex of money. Humbert, armed with a pistol, tracks down Dolores's address and gives her the money, which was due as an inheritance from her mother.

Humbert learns that Sex husband, a deaf mechanic, is not her abductor. Dolores reveals to Humbert that Quilty took her from the hospital and that she was in love with him, but she was rejected when she refused to star in one of his pornographic films.

Dolores also rejects Humbert's request to leave with him. Humbert goes to the drug-addled Quilty's mansion and shoots him several times. Shortly afterward, Humbert is arrested, and in his years thoughts, he reaffirms his love for Dolores and asks for his memoir to be withheld from public release until after her death. Dolores years in childbirth on Christmas Eve, Sex is frequently described as an "erotic novel", both by some critics but also in a standard reference work on literature Facts on File: Companion to the American Short Story.

More cautious classifications have included a "novel with erotic motifs" [8] or one of "a number of works of classical erotic literature and art, and to novels that contain elements of eroticism, like Ulysses and Lady Chatterley's Lover ".

This classification has been disputed. Malcolm Bradbury writes "at first famous as an erotic novel, Lolita soon won its way as a literary one—a late modernist distillation lolitas the whole crucial mythology.

Lolita is characterized by irony and sarcasm; it is not an erotic novel. Lance Olsen writes: "The first 13 chapters of the text, culminating with the oft-cited scene of Lo unwittingly stretching her legs across Sex excited lap The novel is narrated by Humbert, who riddles the narrative with word play and his wry observations of American culture.

The novel's flamboyant style is characterized by double entendresmultilingual punsanagramsand coinages such as nympheta word that has since had a life of its own and can be found in most dictionaries, and the lesser-used "faunlet".

Most writers see Humbert as an unreliable narrator and credit Nabokov's powers as an ironist. Critics have further noted that, since the novel is a first person narrative by Humbert, the novel gives very little information about what Lolita is lolitas as a person, that in effect she has been silenced by not being the book's narrator.

Nomi Tamir-Ghez writes "Not only is Lolita's voice years, her point of view, the way she sees the sex and feels about it, is rarely mentioned and can be only surmised by the reader It's Lolita as a memory".

He concluded that a stage monologue would be truer to the book than any film could possibly be. Clegg sees the novel's lolitas of Lolita's feelings as directly linked to the fact that her "real" name is Dolores and only Humbert refers to her as Lolita. The human child, the one noticed by non- nymphomaniacsanswers to other names, "Lo", "Lola", "Dolly", and, least alluring of all, "Dolores".

The Siren-like Humbert sings a song of himself, to himself, and titles that self and that song "Lolita". To transform Dolores into Lolita, to seal this sad adolescent within his musky self, Humbert must deny her her humanity. InIranian years Azar Nafisi published the memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran about a covert women's reading group.

She notes "Because her name is not Lolita, her real name is Dolores which as you know in Latin means dolour, so her real name is associated with sorrow and with anguish and with innocence, while Lolita becomes a sort of light-headed, seductive, and airy name. The Lolita of our novel is both of these at the same time and in our culture here today we only associate it with one aspect of that little girl and the crassest interpretation of her.

For Nafisi, the essence of the novel is Humbert's solipsism and his erasure of Lolita's independent identity. She writes: "Lolita was given to us as Humbert's creature […] To reinvent her, Humbert must take from Lolita her sex real history and replace it with his own Yet she does have a past. Despite Humbert's attempts to orphan Lolita by robbing her of her history, that past is still given to us in glimpses.

One of the novel's early champions, Lionel Trillingwarned in of the moral difficulty in interpreting a book with so eloquent and so self-deceived a narrator: "we find ourselves the more shocked when we realize that, in the course of reading the novel, we have come virtually to condone the violation it presents A minority of critics have accepted Humbert's version of events at face value.

InDorothy Parker described the novel as "the engrossing, anguished story of a man, a man of taste and culture, who can love only little girls" and Lolita as "a dreadful little creature, selfish, hard, vulgar, and foul-tempered". This is no pretty theme, but it is one with which social workers, magistrates and psychiatrists are familiar. In his essay on Stalinism Koba the DreadMartin Amis proposes that Lolita is an elaborate metaphor for the totalitarianism that destroyed the Russia of Nabokov's childhood though Nabokov states in his afterword that he "[detests] symbols and allegories ".

Amis interprets it as a story of tyranny told from the point of view of the tyrant. Nabokov finished Lolita on 6 Decemberfive years after starting it. Via his translator Doussia Ergaz, it reached Maurice Girodias of Olympia Press"three-quarters lolitas [whose] list was pornographic trash". Lolita was published in Septemberas a pair of green paperbacks "swarming with typographical errors".

Eventually, at the very end ofGraham Greenein the Years Sunday Timescalled it one of the three best books of The novel then appeared in Danish and Dutch translations. Two editions of a Swedish translation were withdrawn at the author's request. Despite initial trepidation, there was no official response in the U. Putnam's Sons in August The book was into a third printing within days and became the first since Gone with the Wind to sellcopies in its first three weeks.

Lolitas novel continues to generate controversy today as modern society has become increasingly aware of the lasting damage created by child sexual abuse. Inan entire book was published on the best ways to teach the novel in a college classroom given that "its particular mix of narrative strategies, ornate allusive prose, and troublesome subject matter complicates its presentation to students".

Many critics describe Humbert as a rapist, notably Years Nafisi in her best-selling Reading Lolita sex Tehran[46] though in a survey of critics David Larmour notes that other interpreters of the novel have been reluctant to use that term. Nabokov biographer Brian Boyd denies that it was rape on the grounds that Dolores was not a virgin and seduced Humbert in the morning of their hotel stay.

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Circumstances made me a young woman with a firm grasp on the fact that my sexual appeal could get me what I needed to survive. I also had my own sexual desires in abundance, only twofold: once as desire, twice as currency.

But we are a long way from Eden. It is perfectly consistent to be deeply critical of the economic and gender inequalities that give rise to sex work, and still advocate for sex workers. The way to deal with cognitive dissonance is to tilt your head a little. In , the US actress Ashley Judd, along with a number of wealthy celebrities, aligned herself with the movement to criminalise sex work. The reality, under capitalism, is that most of us consent to our own exploitation in order to survive.

This is the nature of labour under capitalism. A preoccupation with how women use their own bodies should not blind us to the ways that sex work is like other work. It is important to distinguish sex work from slavery, and what we do for pleasure from what we do to survive. We should understand that these things can intersect sometimes without being the same.

This insight enables us to see the demands of current sex workers generally to be left alone to work in communities with no regulatory or carceral intervention as righteous and urgent, while at the same time acknowledging that it is important to find effective ways to tackle sex trafficking.

Such was the move by feminists to have their labour — largely resigned to the home and disregarded — understood as legitimate work. However, I think that it is the middle-class consciousness of liberal feminism that excluded sex work from its platform. The dissatisfaction of the 20th-century housewife was codified as a struggle for liberty and independence as an addition to subsidised material existence, making a feminist discourse on work less about what one has to do, and more about what one wants to do.

It is a binary view of sex and consent, work and not-work, when the reality is somewhat murkier. It is a stubborn blindness to the complexity of human relations, and maybe of human psychology itself, descending from the viscera-obsessed, radical absolutisms of Andrea Dworkin. The first time I traded sex for material gain, I had some choices, but they were limited. I chose to be exploited by the man with the resources I needed, choosing his house over homelessness.

Lolita was a child, and she was exploited, but she was also conscious of the function of her body in a patriarchal economy. Philosophically speaking, most of us do indeed consent to our own exploitation. The voices of those in their book should not be ignored; more than most, we know that the exchanges of sexual politics are complex, that people often have mixed motives and, perhaps most of all, that the global economy is failing people. We need to reconsider our relationships to liberty, consent, enjoyment and work.

Christian Jarrett. Here is a letter Nabokov wrote Morris Bishop as read by Cornell's curator of rare books and manuscripts Katherine Reagan. I calmly lean on my conviction that it is a serious work of art and that no court could prove it to be lewd and libertine.

BRAND: The book had just been published in France and rejected by five American publishers who were afraid they'd be prosecuted on obscenity charges. The French publisher was Olympia Press, which put out some serious books and lots of pornography. Nabokov didn't know that. He was just relieved someone agreed to publish his book.

And so "Lolita" debuted, clad in a plain green cover, in Paris on September 15th, And in the matching green Olympia covers, on the left side was a book called "Until She Screams" and on the right side of the "Lolita" was a book called "The Sexual Life of Robinson Crusoe. Publishers saw what a salacious topic could do for book sales. Tomorrow, the reaction to "Lolita" after it's published in the US, and why it's regarded as one of the best books ever written in the English language.

Unidentified Man: We didn't appreciate his genius. It's clear. No one did. It was in retrospect only that we realized what we lost after he'd gone. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. And said not a word to anyone. He still held over her the threat that she could go to jail, and, in the naivety her young age, she believed him. Similarly, Humbert keeps Lolita in line by warning her she, too, will end up behind bars if she goes to the authorities. They lived in trailer parks, where for a year, Sally played house, socialised with other families, went shopping, even baked cakes.

On the surface, nothing was wrong. But one nosy neighbour was unconvinced. Something about the two of them was fishy. They were too close, that little bit too intimate for a healthy father-daughter relationship. Eventually that neighbour, one Ruth Janisch, got Sally on her own and wheedled the truth out of her. Ruth passed her the telephone and she rang home. I want to come home. And so her ordeal came to an end. La Salle was arrested, protesting even now that Sally really was his daughter.

She repeated this in court, and he eventually pleaded guilty to abduction and was sentenced to 35 years in jail. Reunited at last with her mother, Sally and Ella clung to each other, weeping so much they could barely speak. Back home, they ignored the flashbulbs of the photographers and the shouted questions from reporters and shut the door behind them as they went inside. There would be no more details, no revealing interviews.

It was over and best forgotten. Meanwhile, in Cornell, Nabokov was struggling with his troublesome oeuvre. The mother was killed off in a fortuitous car accident, leaving him free to pursue the pliable and willing Lolita.

His problem now was how to resolve the second half — what happened to the two of them after they became lovers. His solution was to have them go on a libidinous road trip around America, living in cheap hotels and temporary homes and posing as father and daughter — just like La Salle and Sally.

But he was an arrogant man who liked the conceit that all of his work was totally original, the fruits of his brilliantly vivid imagination, and owed nothing to anyone else.

Yet there is no doubt he knew something of Sally. He even name-checks her in Lolita. Back home — and with La Salle safely in prison for the rest of his life — Sally put her terrible ordeal behind her, went back to school, made new friends. But she was doing well at making a new and happy life for herself. Until mid-August — two years after her return — when she went for a weekend of fun and sun on a New Jersey beach with a girlfriend. A boy she met there, year-old Edward Baker, was giving her a lift home in his car when it crashed, barrelling into the back of a parked lorry.

He survived. Fifteen-year-old Sally was dead, her skull fractured, her neck snapped. This tragic ending brought, not surprisingly, a fresh wave of newspaper coverage, including in the New York Times. But it would be many months more before he found a publishing house daring enough to take on such a troublesome subject.

Would-be publishers read the manuscript and shied away from content they thought would be deemed obscene. They feared that, despite its high literary merit, it would be banned as smut — which indeed it was in some countries. It finally found a home with a publisher in France who specialised in books that pushed the boundaries of acceptability and first appeared there in It took another three years before a U.

It was an instant hit, selling out in days and propelling Nabokov to the very top of the literary tree. That set the tone.

Sure, the material is racy; it's the hook, if you will. But what's kept readers sticking around for the last half-century is the writing. Listen to the next line. Sex tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the pallet to the tap at three lolitas the teeth.

BRAND: But just as we're basking in the warm glow of this imagery and alliteration, this literary art, the rug is pulled out from under us. Humbert is writing his memoir in prison after sex his rival Clare Quilty, who took Lolita away from him.

Humbert's memoir is an elaborate explanation and justification of what he's done, and early on, through his sophisticated writing, he years the reader into being on his side. You have sex be an artist and a madman, a creator of infinite melancholy with a bubble of hot poison in your loins and a supervoluptuous flame permanently aglow in your subtle spine.

Oh, how you have to cringe and hide in loiltas to discern at once by ineffable signs the slightly feline outline of a cheekbone, the slenderness of a downy limb and other indices which despair and lolihas and tears of tenderness forbid me to tabulate.

For little deadly demon among the wholesome children, she stands unrecognized years them and unconscious herself of her fantastic power. And I could easily understand how bad he wanted Lolita and how not only years looked down upon it because of her age, but also she never really reciprocated that love.

Nabokov yfars one of them. He was hired as a Russian literature professor in And in the summers he had off, Nabokov and his lolitas Vera would leave Ithaca years travel across the United States. Vera would drive; they stayed in motels after long days exploring America and researching butterflies.

Nabokov biographer Brian Years. And he'd gotten used to working, as many scientists did, looitas small index cards. And he began to find that this was a very flexible way of xex small sections of a novel partly lolitas he didn't write a novel from start to finish. He spent several months conceiving it in his head and then could write any section at any point and then just slot the cards in the right order.

So he would take a little batch of cards out to the car and wind up the windows so that he years bothered by the traffic noise and just sit there composing "Lolita" on a car years, which is a wonderful image.

He wasn't making much money, so it was a good way to live well. One house he lived in is here, on a steep hill near the campus.

Russian studies Professor Gavriel Shapiro is Cornell's resident Nabokov expert, and he says Nabokov lived in what he called this dreadfully drafty dacha for about two years. SHAPIRO: Another interesting legend that goes with this years, at some point, Nabokov apparently was dissatisfied with the way his work on "Lolita" was going and he was taking his index cards to the incinerator and sex was unintelligible in time before he disposed of them.

After all, says his biographer Brian Boyd, Nabokov was a Sex emigre and English was his second language. BOYD: So he read books on adolescents and guides to controlling your teen-age daughters and teen magazines.

And he was really not a low-culture person, so this sex all research; it wasn't his standard range of reading. And he would also do things like travel on the buses lolitas Ithaca and record phrases in a little notebook from young girls he heard coming back from school. It was not well-received, and Nabokov's friends convinced him years abandon it.

But sex idea never left him and a decade later, Nabokov took up the story again in America, sex again lolitas of his friends were horrified. His closest friend, the man who brought him to the Cornell faculty, Morris Bishop, was afraid the book would damage Cornell's reputation.

Nabokov considered publishing anonymously, also afraid of what could happen to Cornell, but he decided against it. Here is a letter Nabokov wrote Years Bishop as read by Cornell's curator of rare books and manuscripts Katherine Reagan. I calmly lean on eex conviction that it is a serious work of art and that no court could prove it to be lewd and libertine.

BRAND: The book had just been published in Lolitas and rejected sex five American publishers who were afraid they'd be prosecuted on obscenity charges. The French publisher was Olympia Press, which put out some serious books and lots of pornography. Nabokov llolitas know that. He was xex relieved someone agreed to publish his book. And so "Lolita" debuted, clad in a plain green cover, in Paris on September 15th, And in the matching green Olympia covers, on the left side was a book called "Until She Screams" and on the right side of the lolitas was a book called "The Sexual Life of Robinson Crusoe.

Publishers saw what a salacious topic could do for book lolifas. Tomorrow, the reaction to "Lolita" lolitas it's published in the US, and why it's regarded as one of the best books ever written in the English language. Unidentified Man: We didn't appreciate his genius. It's clear. No one did. It was in retrospect only that we realized what we lost after he'd gone. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and lolitas pages at www. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc.

Loliras text may not be in its final form and may be updated years revised in the future. Accuracy lolitas availability may vary. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Don't Tell Me! NPR Shop. But more than 50 sex copies later, the book and its beautiful, tragic prose continues to lure new generations of readers. September 15, AM ET. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Part lolitas Creating a Literary Classic. I'm Alex Chadwick.

Soundbite of audiobook recording of "Lolita" Mr.

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Lolita and loli are terms used to portray young girls as "precociously seductive." The term derives from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita, which describes the narrator's sexual obsession and subsequent sexual abuse of a year-old girl named Dolores, whose nickname was Lolita. The Real Lolita depicts the harrowing tale of Sally Horner who was to child molester and was regularly forcing her to have sex with him.

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