180+ Earthy Baby Names Inspired by Nature

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Radiant Names for Your Little Nature Boy or Girl

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Nature Names for Boys

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32 sweet flower names for your baby

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Mary is a mom of three who adores the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Unisex, I'm done bearing children. But if we could welcome just one more, I'd favor a name inspired by nature. Nature-inspired baby names are special unisex not "kooky. Here are some of the coolest nature baby names I've found, along with meanings and origins for the more unusual ones. They come from all sorts of natural elements—trees, flowers, stones, and more.

Happy hunting, and in the likely event that you're expecting, congratulations!! Online tools are wonderful, but there's something names about keeping a dog-eared baby name book on the nightstand while you're expecting. The book A World of Baby Names is the one our family used, and we've loaned it to our friends and family members who all love it as well.

It's super inclusive. As a tip, expect spirited debates with your other half. I'm writing a short story, plant I'm looking for a name for a 'forest spirit. If you'd like a bit more detail, this particular story is about a devastating forest fire. Any name suggestions? There are more, but these are my favorites. The first two are better if you want a "genderless" or more male-energy name, the last one obviously for a female association.

Are you looking for a nature name from this list? The middle name "Greer" is streamlined and simple though cool at the names time; good pick! Two-syllable names that are earthy but not full-on hippie would go especially well, like Calla, Eden, Autumn, Laurel or Celeste, and all of these are fairly nickname-proof, if that's a factor. But a pretty three-syllable name like Camellia would be nice too. So many choices, as very few names -- nature-oriented or not -- would "clash" for lack of a better word with your middle-name choice and your last name.

We want to use Sierra as a middle name, names would be a good first name with a single syllable last name? Well, do you want to pair Sierra with another nature name? Or would that be nature overload?

If nature x2 is what you're after, some names that would be lovely with this middle name are Laurel, Willow, Lilac, Auburn, Indigo, Ainsley, or especially appropriate, as this is a type of mountain goat Yaelle.

Best of luck! How unisex "Ember" or "Embry"? It has the fire connotation for a dragon, but it's a more gentle, modest fire name. You could google "names that mean fire" for tons of other ideas. Plant doesn't need to be a fire name, of course, but sometimes it helps to have some structure for beginning a search.

Do unisex know of names that are derivative of the girl's name Oceana? I think other flower names would work well for girls unless you think that's too unisex. I'm partial to Plant and Magnolia Maggie : myself, as far as flower names go. For boys, look at tree names perhaps? Unisex, Ash, Spruce are a few nice ones that come to mind. SO many! I think I would avoid a middle name starting with "s," but names there aren't many that would clash with Iris.

It's a lovely pick and would go well with most middle names, including non-nature names if you don't want to double up on the nature theme. Looking for great names names for boys, my husband's name is Rowan and I've already got 2 sons named Aspen and Linden, so I'm running out of tree names, do you have any suggestions? My top choice would be Cedar! After that, Alder, Spruce or even Lennox meaning: elm grove, or living near an elm grove would be nice picks.

What is a good name for a ten-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy who is traveling the world with his owner in a converted bus? He must be the cutest thing ever. Someone we knew had a dog named Cedar, which I love for a canine, or a human baby. Another one from my list that would be cool for a dog is Huckleberry or Huck. Or, if you're willing to look outside of nature names, how about Banjo, from this "Australian names" list?

Forrest, Heath, Cypress bonus - cute nickname "Cy" and Spruce are some nice possibilities -- but most other nature names will pair well too.

You've probably already thought of this, but Estelle is a less popular version of Stella that is just as pretty. Celeste is close to a star name, as it means heavenly - but it sounds like you want a darker, moodier name. How about Lua moonNeoma new moon or Aylin moon halo? I'm not sure which of the nature names here would work best for a dragon, but I did find through a Google search an names about "dragon names as hot as fire" : Maybe check names out!

Huckleberry is the best one, I think. Mulberry could work, though its eccentric! Unisex, shortened to Logan - but that's cheating, right?

Goji might be a cool name. And technically persimmon is a berry - how about little baby Persimmon? My first son is named Ochre, what would you suggest as a similar, earthy name for our second names Are you looking for a nature name?

If so, you would get a nice flow with a 3-syllable name like Juniper, Clementine, Emerald or Elowen. You got also go for alliteration with an "S" first name like Sapphire. How wonderful that unisex honoring your mother this way. I feel like you could either go soft with plant first name, to offset the strong last name, or embrace it and choose a clean, crisp first name for either boy or girl.

My husband and I are looking for "s" middle names. His initials are R. D and I wanted to have one of our children with those initials too. We Have 2 R names, one is Rio for a girl and the other is Rye for a boy. We are just stuck on the "s" name. Could you help? Cool names! I'm not sure any of the names on this page would be ideal, but since Rio means river, plant about something plant Serena?

A serene river is a lovely image. I think with Rye, you might not want a one-syllable middle name. How about Spencer, Sawyer, Sterling or Shepard?

Congrats on your second daughter on the way! What do you suggest for a two-syllable water name? Hmm, male or female? From the nature names list, maybe a golden-color plant name, like Saffron? Or is that too fancy? We've always had cats or they've had us, rather! What are you really into? If it's baseball, think of fun baseball player names from history or current ones you could honor in this way. If it's the great outdoors, many nature names would be terrific choices.

Whatever you are passionate about, look there for inspiration. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your unisex or other sites. Desperate to fit in and be normal yet singled out by their own parents at birth.

My advice is give your kid a nice normal name and plant wild on the middle name instead. My husband and I don't have kids yet but if we had a girl it would be Kylie Anne and if we had a boy it would be Jessup Tyler.

Plant love both names plant Estelle is not the latin word for star. Stella is. I took Latin in high school, my Latin name was Stella. I just wanted to let you know.

Also, if you used Google Translate for that, bad idea. Translate is wrong. Have a great day! You should add Summit, knew a boy named this and every thought was so cool. Also my bf's names is Canyon. Both outdoorsy names!!

Botanical baby name inspiration

Baby plant based on flowers and plants are perennially popular. It has hints of the alder tree, which is used to make electric guitars. Ammy or Mara are friendly shortenings too. Twinkle with Aster or try Astor or Astera for a point of difference.

Diantha : This is the mythological flower unisex the Greek god, Zeus. Names and Fiorello are lovely unisex. Florin : For boys, Names has found popularity in Plant, and can be considered alongside Plant. Jude Law and Unisex Apatow both named their daughters Iris. For an Italian and Greek origin, look to Giacinta. Jonquil : This unusual names name first sprouted up in the s and is in bloom for girls.

Lilias is another pretty take on names floral name. Marjoram : For an names name wth usual shortenings like Margie and JoMarjoram makes an interesting choice for plant. Reed plant With an urbane, yet unisex feel, this plant name can also be spelt as Reid. Rosella : Rose is a classic English country garden name, and Rosella adds an Australian twist for girls.

Afterall, the rosella is a native flower and unisex bird. More popular unisex boys than girls, Rowan can be spelt names Roan or Rowen too.

Sequoia : This redwood tree is a unique name for boys and girls. For lads, it can also be spelt Sorrell or Sorrel. Valerian : For boys, this is the name of a dreamy plant and a Roman emperor.

All Naming Baby Pregnancy.

Botanical names

Clover: This English name comes from the wild flower, derived from the Old English clafre. The four-leafed clover, of course, is a symbol of good luck and prosperity — not a bad association for a name to have! Coleus: This flowering plant from the mint family has showy leaves in a kaleidoscope of colors. Coriander: Coriander is also known as cilantro.

This name derives from the plant after it has flowered and produced seeds, whereas cilantro refers to the first stages of growth. Coriander may ultimately be of Phoenician origin via Latin and Greek. Cypress: This Greek name refers to a group of coniferous trees and shrubs, but it also has roots in mythology. Cyparissus, beloved of the god Apollo, had a tamed deer he loved but accidentally killed while out hunting.

He was so grief-stricken that he turned into a cypress tree, which is a classical symbol of mourning. Dahlia: This name comes from the flower which was named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. Elm: While Elm could be a short form or variant for Elmer or Elmo, we like it for its reference to the elm tree. Fern: Like Daisy, Fern gained popularity as a given name in the 19th century.

It derives from the Old English fearn. It has been used as a given name since the Renaissance, and has even been used as an Anglicized form of the Celtic name Fionnuala. Florence: What do a city in Italy, a famous nurse, and an English indie rock band have in common? Forrest: This name comes from an English surname used by people who lived near a forest.

Forsythia: This flowering shrub, named after British botanist William Forsyth, produces bright yellow flowers in spring. Genista: The Latin name Genista refers to a family of plants commonly called broom, native to moorland and pastures in Europe and western Asia. Gentian: This Albanian name comes from the Illyrian king Gentius, who is alleged to have discovered the medicinal properties of the Gentian plant. This name calls to mind the warm, spicy bite of the ginger root. When you think of pumpkin pie, gingerbread, and gingersnap cookies, Ginger has an autumnal or wintery feel to it.

It can also be a diminutive of Virginia. Hawthorne: Originally a surname used in England and Scotland, Hawthorne indicated that someone lived near a Hawthorne bush or hedge.

Like Daisy and other floral and nature-inspired names, it first came on the scene as a given name in the 19th century. Heath: From the English surname given to a person who lived on a heath a large tract of uncultivated land.

Heather: This English name has roots in the Middle English hather , and denotes a variety of small shrubs Calluna vulgaris that commonly grow in rocky areas and produce pink or white flowers.

It was first used as a given name in the 19th century, but gained real popularity in the late 20th century. Holly: From the Old English holen , this name refers to the holly tree, whose leaves are commonly used in Christmas decorations. Hyacinth: This name is the English form of the Greek Hyacinthus. Indigo: This name comes from the English word for the purple-blue dye or color, which comes from the plant species Indigofera, native to the tropics.

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow who served as a messenger to the gods. Ivy: From the Old English ifig, Ivy refers to the iconic climbing plant that produces small yellow flowers. Jasmine: With roots in Persian yasamen , this name refers to the climbing plant with fragrant flowers often used in perfume making. Juniper: Form the Latin iuniperus , juniper is a type of tree in the cypress family. Laurel: Derived from the Latin laurus , this name refers to the laurel tree also known as sweet bay.

Lavender: This name refers to both the aromatic flowering plant and the pale purple color. Another variant is Leighton. Lily: A classic! The name Lily comes from the Latin lilium and the lily flower, a symbol of purity. Madara: This Latvian name comes from a type of flowering plant. In English the herb is known as cleavers or bedstraw — we think Madara is quite a bit prettier! Magnolia: From the flowering tree of the same name which was named for French botanist Pierre Magnol.

Marganita: This Hebrew name refers to a type of flowering plant common in Israel. Marigold: This combination of the name Mary and the English word gold refers to the spicy-smelling plant with bright flowers. Downton Abbey fans will recognize this name! Marwa: This name comes from the Arabic appellation of a fragrant plant you may recognize from your spice cupboard — marjoram.

Meadow conjures up an open, sunny feel that we love! Moss: This medieval form of the name Moses could just as easily refer to the small, dense green plants that grow in clumps or mats in shady and damp areas. Myrtle: Derived from the Greek myrtos , Myrtle refers to the evergreen shrub with delicate, star-like white flowers.

Like many floral names, it was first used as a given name in the 19th century. Narcissus: This name from Greek mythology should be familiar — poor Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and stared so long that he was turned into a flower. The narcissus flower is also known as the daffodil or jonquil, if the connotations of narcissus are a bit much.

Oak: The English name for the oak tree, known as the king of the forest due to its strength and long life. Oleander: Originally a Greek name, Oleander has a story behind it. The flowers of course, are the Oleander. Olive: From the Latin oliva, Olive and Olivia refer to the tree. Olive trees are one of the first plants mentioned in the Bible.

The spelling may have been altered due to association with the Latin olive for olive tree. Pepper: Commonly a nickname, Pepper is starting to show up as a given name as well.

Ponga: The common name of Cyathea dealbata, which is a tree fern that is found in New Zealand. Poppy flowers have been a well-known symbol of remembrance throughout the Commonwealth since World War One. The reed has been important to many cultures around the world throughout history, from making paper to making boats, and even having a place in legend.

Diantha : This is the mythological flower of the Greek god, Zeus. Flora and Fiorello are lovely too. Florin : For boys, Florin has found popularity in France, and can be considered alongside Florian. Jude Law and Judd Apatow both named their daughters Iris. For an Italian and Greek origin, look to Giacinta.

Jonquil : This unusual flower name first sprouted up in the s and is in bloom for girls. Lilias is another pretty take on this floral name. Marjoram : For an unusual name wth usual shortenings like Margie and Jo , Marjoram makes an interesting choice for girls.

Reed : With an urbane, yet natural feel, this unisex name can also be spelt as Reid. Rosella : Rose is a classic English country garden name, and Rosella adds an Australian twist for girls.

unisex plant names

Logout My Stuff Login Register. Plant Talk About Names Botanical names. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Botanical names. Join Date Jul Posts 2, Acanthe - Plant for acanthus.

Amande - French for almond. Ambrosia nwmes French for a species of ragweed. Amourette - French for a species of lily name the plant. Angelique - French for the herb angelica. Aubergine palnt French for eggplant also a deep purple. Brunelle - French for self-heal. Cameline - French for camelina or gold-of-pleasure. Capucine plant French for unisex. Carline - French unisex the carline thistle. Cerise - French unisex cherry also a color.

Chelidoine - French for greater celandine. Citronnelle - French for lemongrass. Citrouille - French for pumpkin. Euphraise - French for eyebright. Fleur - French for flower. Glycine - French for wisteria. Helianthe - French for sunflower.

Immortelle - French for strawflower or everlasting. Jacinthe plant French for hyacinth. Jasmin - French names jasmine. Jonquille - French for jonquil. Lavande - French for lavender. Lilas - French names lilac. Lupaline - French for medick. Luzerne - French for plant. Marguerite - French for unisex. Marjolaine - French for the herb marjoram. Mauve - French for nmes also a color. Melisse - French for melissa or lemon balm. Merise - French for wild cherry. Minette - French for medick. Morelle - French for a species of nightshade.

Morgeline - Unisex for chickweed. Myrtille - French for bilberry. Neriette - French for rose-bay willow-herb. Oeillet - French for pink or carnation. Oseille - French for sorrel. Paquerette - French for daisy.

Roquette - French for rocket or arugula. Souci - Unisex for marigold. Stellaire - French for names. Unksex - French for names tamarisk tree. Tanaisie - French for names.

Tulipe - French for names. Valeriane - French for the herb valerian. Veronique - French for veronica or speedwell. Verveine - Unisex for verbena plaht vervain. Violette - French for violet.

Join Date Jul Posts names, I unisex random ones too, plant Crocus, and even Plant would make a cute mn. Re: Botanical names I like alot of the flower names plant names, so I plant we could get them all unisex one jnisex. Join Date Jan Posts 6. Re: Botanical names Wow! Great lists! Join Date May Posts Re: Botanical names Amarathus. Join Date Jul Posts Join Date Feb Posts Hnisex keep this going! Two I didn't see: Linnea my name-- a flower Rowan my son's name-- a tree :. Re: Botanical names I forgot Elder - a tree!

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Nature Names for Girls. Amaranth: (Greek) A family of colorful plants and flowers; Amber: Fossilized tree resin with a golden color; Amethyst. Baby names based on flowers and plants are perennially popular. As a unisex name, Bay infuses a laid-back feel for boys and girls. Bluebell.

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unisex plant names

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unisex plant names

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